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Who we are

CBD Bio care manufactures the best quality cannabis skin care products to consumers all over the world.

Why we are

CBD Bio care has been helping consumers all across the globe with their skin care products. The oils also includes pain balm with Emu oil to help aid with inflammation.

How it starts

All products are manufactured in the U.S such as Miami, Florida and Kentucky. The manufacture is registered a G.M.P to ensure quality service..

Try it Yourself

It’s completely free to join, all you have to do is promote the products You have the option of paying for a website or share the link on your social media pages. The best part is that you can do it from any connectible device.

Want to create a landing page?

For your inspiration I used the Elementor plugin to design my landing page. I used a template that was available with their free subscription and made some adjustments to it. If you are interested in creating a landing page you can get started for free 


There are all sorts of products you can choose to meet your individual needs. Products are made with the extraction of hemp plants and contain about 3% of THC. As we know it cannabis has become extremely beneficial in our lives. Mainly for medical reasons and now we can see the benefits in what it can do to our skin.

Your skin will love you

 This is a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the online space while providing a service and making a difference in someone’s life.


CBD Bio Care

Your Journey

Are you ready to take the first step to becoming an entreprenuer in the online space?

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